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Intelsense is an equity research service focused on long term wealth creation. The Intelsense team is headed by Abhishek Basumallick, a well known investor.

Abhishek has an experience of nearly two decades in the Indian markets and has witnessed many bull and bear cycles. He believes in investor education and empowerment and has been associated as a moderator with ValuePickr since its inception. He also facilitates regular face-to-face investor interactions in his home city of Kolkata.

Abhishek is an engineer with an executive management degree from IIM Calcutta. He has been investing since 2000 and his faith in equities is such that personally he is 100% invested in equities.

Abhishek has been joined by Dr Hitesh Patel, more popularly known as Hitesh Bhai. Hitesh Bhai finished his MD in Dermatology from Medical College of Baroda, and was with ESIS General Hospital, Baroda for 23 years, from 1995 to 2019, and took VRS from there. He is now a full time investor. He has been a founder member of valuepickr.com, a forum aimed at educating retail investors in the art and science of investing and is a very well-respected techno-funda investor. His thread on valuepickr is the most-read and most-commented thread across the forum where he painstakingly answers all questions from investors. To know more about him, please read https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/gujju-doctor-turns-value-investor-after-reading-buffett-lynch-makes-a-killing/articleshow/62334723.cms

At Intelsense, our steadfast focus is on building long term wealth which has helped us identify and hold onto many multibaggers over the years.

The focus for Intelsense is to build wealth systematically over the long term and is ideal for those looking to create wealth for long term goals like retirement or for the next generation. We give equal thought to protecting capital as to generating returns.

Intelsense believes in investor education and empowerment and our founder has been associated with India's largest and best online investment portal ValuePickr since its inception.

We bring together the 4 main components for investing.

Experience + Knowledge + Passion + Effort

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SEBI Registered Research Analyst Registration Number: INH300006607

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