Frequently Asked Question

Who should NOT subscribe?

Do not subscribe if:

  • You are looking for short term calls or if you need to generate a certain amount of return every month should NOT subscribe.
  • You are interested in recommendations in the unlisted space. We focus exclusively on Indian public markets.
  • You are going to need the money for whatever reasons in the next 2-3 years. You should not be investing in equities if you do not have atleast a 3-5 year investment horizon.
  • You cannot handle price volatility. Equities by its very nature will be volatile. Prices will go up and down. You need to be able to accept the fluctuations without it creating stress in your life.
  • You have very large funds to invest (more than 1 crore), then please contact us for our custom service. This subscription would not be suitable for large portfolios.
Who should look to subscribe?
Why should I subscribe?
How many stock recommendations will I receive if I subscribe?
How much returns can I expect?
Can I lose money?

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